OpenOffice Base Repair Tool

Are you dealing with any of these or other mentioned OpenOffice Base file issues?
  • Unable to Open OpenOffice Base application play
  • Getting Different error messages while opening OpenOffice Base files
  • Unable to Open OpenOffice data

If your answer is "Yes" then your OpenOffice Base file gets damaged or corrupt due to any internal/external reasons. In the manner to view or retrieve the contents related to this file you should have to repair it. So, apply OpenOffice Base repair tool that provide the complete guide to repair your inaccessible damaged OpenOffice Base file

broken base file repair

About OpenOffice Base File Format

OpenOffice Base is an application for desktop database, that’s very much comparable to that of Microsoft Access. You can maneuver and construct forms, tables, reports with the help of Base’s in-built database engine called HSQLDB or else by applying your own database. When MS Access is concerned, Base can be operated as a front-end to much of database system, such as ODBC sources of data, PostgreSQL, MySQL and Access database (JET). It presents preferences of selecting Designs, Views, SQL Views and Wizards. Base sustains several admired database like (Adabas D, ADO and Microsoft Access). It furthermore carries general format such as Microsoft Windows Mozilla and Microsoft Outlook and even preserves LDAP grievance book of address. OpenOffice Base extension is .odb.

With OpenOffice Base you can:

  • Generate tables and uphold their indexes for accessing data much faster
  • Modify, remove, insert and amend the grid
  • Create striking reports
  • Produce 'instant' application for database
  • Built in potential for scripting that permits users to broaden its functionality
  • Examine data subsets using effortless and intricate filters

Dissimilar to any added computer file, ODB is prone to recurrent dishonesty. Since it's an OpenOffice file, probability of damage is extremely high. There is nothing more devastating than a thrashing of a significant Base file. To attach the fraudulent database and avoid any such tragedy in upcoming future, it is vital to comprehend the reason of ODB file corruption.

Reason that can make an ODB file corrupted:

  • Abrupt system shut down
  • CRC error
  • Format conversion
  • Virus or Trojan attack
  • Multiple authoring associations of an .odb files
  • Storage media problems

How to repair damaged/corrupt OpenOffice Base odb file?

OpenOffice Base Recovery Software is an astonishing utility proficient of recovering data from lost or damage ODB files which are accumulated in .odb file format. No matter, whatever be the cause for corruption of .odb file, with this recovery tool you can restore .ODB file in matter of minutes. Apart from integrating with superior algorithm, the software makes recovery possible for its user with outstanding characteristics like:

  • Precise and absolute recuperation of ODB files components
  • Compatible with all versions of Open Office Base
  • Batch repair of .odb files is supported
  • Fix big sized .odb files very quickly
  • Demonstrate preview of recovered Meta data
  • Recuperate content, images, hyperlink, text and other objects from corrupt ODB file

Features of OpenOffice Base Repair Tool

Reliable and Instant Recovery: This program is capable of effectively repairing the damages of ODB file and restores queries and tables very easily. Actually, advanced algorithm embedded with the software can recuperate every single data there in the corrupt .odb files.

Interactive User Interface: Using this Recovery tool, whole modus operandi of .odb file recovery function can be executed devoid of facing any hassle. You only need to build the assortment of .odb file along with that provide the spot to hoard the restored file. The intact revival procedure captures just a few minutes to obtain absolute and transport the preferred result.

Maintains Data Integrity: This Recovery maintains the true format of data undamaged at the time of recovery. The data is unaltered or customized in any method. After recuperation, a fresh file is produced for saving the data. And hence the original data is not hindered.

Batch recovery of unlimited .odb files: With the help of this software users can recover batch .odb files in a single cycle. And the good part is that size of individual file does not matter, with this tool you can cooperatively reinstate various files of several sizes in just single click. With this feature user can repair several damaged databases in approximately every circumstance.

Saving in User-chosen Location: Selection of the location for saving recovered file is completely upon users. After saving data, software displays link to position where data was saved. With the help of OpenOffice Recovery software data having UNICODE characters could also be recovered.

Safe mode operation: This tool is also the safest, read only and non-destructive tool that makes use of fast and strong algorithm technique to restore data and content from a damaged OpenOffice Base file (ODS).

Complete System Requirements

  • Pentium Class Processor
  • Minimum 64 MB RAM (128 MB recommended)
  • 50 MB for Software installation
  • Disk Space - Enough space to store the recovered files
  • Operating systems - Windows 8.1/8/7/Vista/XP/2000/98/NT/95
  • Application's Version Supported - All versions of OpenOffice

Steps to Repair Damaged OpenOffice Base File

Complete instructions on how to use and work with OpenOffice Base Repair tool is explained below. So, just go through it once before doing it practically.